Born from the wings of fire, my birth story is not an ordinary one. Subjected to tremendous heat and pressure below the earth, I, Vajra took birth in the depths of the earth and was flooded onto the surface bathing in magna that erupted from a volcano. After years of a thorough search done by a diamond corporation, I was found in a Kimberlite deposit in Africa, sitting there innocently with grit dark rocks, during the mining process.
I was picked up by one of the corporations and sent for cutting and polishing in the foundry, to be purchased by a learned person who took keen interest in art and luxury. I embellished her life with my glimmer, and became a part of her vanity for a lifetime, exaggerating the grandeur of her aristocratic abode, where I lived my days, like a treasure to be gawked by all her friends.
A lesser known fact about my journey is the tumultuous exploitation that the native humans of the mining place had to go through, to make gems like me shine and the horrors that were inflicted upon them and their families. Everyday, mine workers had to risk their lives to search for me. In the incidence where I was found, our corporation was attacked by rebels who looted the mined Diamonds and took me to be sold off at a very high price to another corporation, due to the rare miracle of nature, that I was.

As I was handed over secretly to the source person, huge bags of money were handed out to people carrying arsenal, which explained the fact that this money would be invested in funding the civil war in parts of Africa, adding to the social chaos and loss of lives and violence in the world. As Vajra, the rare diamond; I went on to serve my fate as an ornament in the life of a jewel lover, sitting in the fancy vanity room, of a palatial house.
But my conscience had put my own existence into question. Due to the mining process causing lots of sites to be evaded by big corporations, families being forced to relocate and work mines and the human toll that came alongside, I, Vajra was now labelled as a Blood Diamond.

I wish I had an ethical way of being procured. I wish I did not have to witness so much loss of life.
I wish I didn't have to bear the burden of being the reason for nature's and human loss.
I wish there was a sustainable way !

Mining is carbon intensive, often relying on diesel-run machinery
Diamond mining uses large amounts of water, energy, and earth
A small percentage of diamonds mined in unregulated conditions are still making it into the general supply chain


Effects on the

1ct of mined diamond =
nearly 100 sqft of
disturbed land & almost
6000 lbs of mineral