The Commitment

 At Vyasa, we know the birth story of each diamond from its creation to its receiving. Each one is sustainably sourced by trained industry experts, and, every piece of our jewellery is ethically secured, and handcrafted by our 'Kaarigars' in our Labs, eliminating all

possibilities of the societal damage caused by exploitation of labour in the mining of Earth Created diamonds.
We provide our modern consumers with a piece of jewellery that helps reverse ecological and societal damage, hence, assisting them to keep a clean conscience while enjoying luxury.
Beyond the sustainable values at the heart of our company and our choicest designs, we are proud to support causes of global concern and be an aide to social organizations that move us all forward, together as a community.
Vyasa as a luxury brand stands out in the market arena, courtesy of our inclusive approach towards all stratas of the society. We regard the bigger picture of world welfare, and we breed empathy for others, which propels us to work with social sector organizations that do spectacularly groundbreaking work for the empowerment of the special sections of the society.


Every child is a born artist. It's surprising how we get to witness the most wonderful talents in people who are in the most tedious terrains of their lives. Children with special needs are functionally, intellectually and creatively as unique as any other child. In the depths of their hearts and minds they weave imaginations that often translate into valuable ideas of art. We had the honour of encountering similar incredible potential in the group of little kids at The Delhi Society for the Welfare of Special Children. Since then, we decided to outsource the designing and making of our carrybags to the group of these little angels at the welfare society and our hearts are deeply one with them, to always continue this mutually respectful and supportive association with the organization.
The Delhi Society for the welfare of special children has been functional for over decades and supports a large number of children with special needs, who come from the economically weaker section. They have elaborate curriculums for the children that especially focuses on art and craft activities, amongst which is one of our 'carrybag initiative'. These children are deeply perceptive and their skills are precise and praiseworthy. The outsourcing of these carrybags to the Delhi Society enables them to generate revenue for their NGO, which is then invested to dial up the resources required to meet the needs of these special children.
Vyasa is proud to make the magical touch of these children a part of its World of diamonds, only to add the extra glimmer of their sorcery to your diamond deliveries.

Your jewellery package just got extra Special!