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Creation Process

Technological advancement has equipped the diamond industry with two methods that enable us to grow diamonds at our labs: Chemical vapour deposition (CVD), and high pressure, high temperature (HPHT).

The CVD Method

Vyasa diamonds are made using the chemical vapour deposition (CVD) method. It is a more economical and sustainable method, and also produces better quality, cleaner, clearer diamonds. The process uses vacuum chambers to convert carbon heavy gases into a plasma cloud that settles down on the diamond seed. The biggest advantage of the CVD method is that it can be done with lesser energy consumption, and the kinetics of the process allows the carbon atoms to build on top of the seed in a single vertical direction, making the rough diamond grow in a symmetrical square shape.

The HPHT Method

It is a thermodynamic process in which the diamond seed is placed in a specially designed capsule that contains pure carbon material. The seed is then exposed to intense pressure and heat. The carbon attaches itself to the diamond seed, which over a period of days, crystallises into a diamond.