We secure and curate the top 1% diamonds, sourced from the best diamond makers of the country. Vyasa lays heavy emphasis on quality and we work only with the best material available, to design and ready the jewellery that you well deserve. Vyasa carries a huge collection of the best hand selected diamonds. Our rigourous process of selection is tended to, by our experts, at our Mumbai labs. We spare no effort in making sure that we purchase only from the best foundries in the diamond manufacturing business.





Due to technological advancement, we are able to recreate a magnificent natural phenomenon in labs, making it possible for us to create real diamonds.

This method involves a much shorter supply chain, and since the diamonds are touched by lesser hands, the entire birthing process, from sourcing to creation, takes lesser time; resulting in a more cost efficient alternative, hence making real diamonds more accessible.

Vyasa makes sure that your love for diamonds can be materialised and lived happily in real life. We cater to creating the purest glimmer,making it available for you at fair prices.

Our designs are made and rendered by professional artists. These are then cast into physical moulds of gold, which are then hand set meticulously with diamonds. The fine brilliance of the skilled handwork of our kaarigars is clearly showcased in all our jewelleries. Vyasa diamonds are high quality, cost effective gems, which makes them an everyday rapture for all jewel connoisseurs.