About Us

With a legacy of over 125 years in the diamond business, Vyasa Diamonds was founded, a lab grown diamonds brand, in the city of Delhi, with more and more boutiques expanding all over the city.

Our rich industry experience in the jewelry industry identifies us as the veterans of fine jewelry in both gold and diamond. We aim at creating a needful bling for your everyday use, cultivating a culture to wear and pose diamonds daily, while being guilt free and dedicated to preserving the currency weight in your pockets. All our jewelry products demonstrate unmatched quality, comfort, class and style at affordable prices.

Vyasa has broken the myth surrounding diamonds, of it being expensive, inaccessible and only to be worn on occasions, by making the best, purest and ethically smart diamonds accessible to all. This has allowed us to build a community of loyal customers, who add our pieces everyday to their daily wear collection.

PASSION: We feel jewelry in its nature is truly personal and reflects individual style. Hence, we put our heart and soul into creating pieces that are unique and grab eyeballs wherever you go. Our passion for exquisite, new age jewelry is the inspiration behind Vyasa. 

QUALITY: A team of exceptionally gifted ‘karigars’ with over 30 years of experience are the skilled and meticulous hands in crafting every jewelry at Vyasa. Every diamond is handpicked and goes through several parameters of quality inspection before adorning your style. 

EVERYDAY LUXURY: Jewelry should not be nestled away in lockers or worn only once in a while. At Vyasa Diamonds we encourage our customers to wear and enjoy their masterpieces everyday no matter what the occasion is. We make every day, a day to wear a diamond.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Diamonds since a very long time have been inaccessible for everyone. But at VYASA, we believe that diamonds should be accessible to everyone, and loving yourself or showing love should not burn a hole in your pocket. 

TRUST: The rich legacy of our forefathers in the jewelry business is based on a simple principle, ‘doing the right thing’. Our promise of doing right and delivering right has helped us to create strong mutual trust between customers as well as unparalleled customer loyalty. Our policy of transparent pricing and certification by reputable organizations further helps us to win trust even before we win customers. 

CONTEMPORARY AND SUSTAINABLE: Our contemporary and modern outlook helps us not only to make sustainable jewelry using lab grown diamonds and recycled gold, but also to create a wide variety of jewelry ranging from rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. 

CLASSIC: Our classic designs are perfect for every age group and can be passed down for generations. The best part is that Vyasa Diamonds never lose their shine and luster.

India's Leading Lab Grown Diamond Store

Certified Diamonds (IGI and GIA) 

A diamond is not just a symbol of love, beauty and perfection. It is also a purchase decision you make carefully. So when choosing a diamond for yourself or your loved one, quality is always the number one thing to look for.  

Ensuring the best quality involves choosing diamonds graded by the top independent labs, and at Vyasa, we exclusively offer both IGI and GIA certified diamonds. These are the best diamond grading institutions out there. IGI is very popular in Europe and Asia while GIA is famous in USA.

Every diamond is examined on the basis of the 4 Cs - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Our diamonds have achieved perfect quality check in all these four departments. Ensuring that each piece tells a story of unparalleled craftsmanship.

Crafting Customized Pieces

Vyasa understands the profound connection individuals share with their diamond jewellery. For some people, it’s a symbol of love while for some it’s a symbol of beauty, luxury and elegance. 

That's why Vyasa goes beyond the conventional and offer personalised creations, tailored to align seamlessly with your own unique style. Blending your incredible taste with our finest diamonds, we create unique and special pieces of art.

Our commitment lies not only in crafting jewelry but in creating an emotional resonance with your soul. To enhance this connection, we extend the timeless allure of personal engravings, adding an exquisite touch to your individual style. 

No Shipping Charges (In India)

Navigating the complexities of extra shipping charges can be frustrating and an unwelcoming hurdle. That’s why, long ago we made a pledge to place our customer’s needs at the forefront of our services. 

Unlike the norm, we have chosen to offer free shipping of our products across every corner of India.

Our commitment to free shipping is more than just a policy. It's a reflection of our dedication to making every part of your Vyasa experience delightful.

Experience the joy of unparalleled craftsmanship, timely delivery, and the benefit of free shipping with us. 

Free Annual Cleaning

Owning a diamond is the first step of a long lasting relationship. It's not merely a purchase but more like an ongoing commitment to nurture and cherish its timeless beauty. 

That’s why it requires yearly maintenance to retain its luster, colour and inherent class. Acknowledging this responsibility, we offer our clients an annual ritual.

A complimentary cleaning service that rejuvenates your jewelry, keeping it just like the day you bought it. 

It’s not just a service but more so a commitment to preserving the timeless elegance of your treasured piece of diamond. 

Lifetime Buyback Policy 

Vyasa has a lifetime buyback policy that reflects our understanding of your evolving needs. We recognize the evolution of your desires and understand that they may change over time. 

That’s why we are providing 100% value of the metal weight at the prevailing market rate, coupled with 80% value of the diamonds at the prevailing market price. 

Additionally, we also offer lifetime exchange and/or upgrade for any of our jewelry. Credit is given at the prevailing price of metal (100%) and diamond (90%) of the goods exchanged. 

15-Day Return Policy 

We understand that sometimes a piece of jewelry may not resonate with you as you would have expected. 

At Vyasa, our commitment to your satisfaction unfolds in the form of our 15-day return policy. 

If your heart wants to find a different piece of diamond within 15 days of your purchase, we embrace your decision with understanding and empathy.

Return it to us, and let your journey of finding the perfect diamond continue.