Diamond Certification

What is diamond certification?

Diamond certification is documentation that elaborates on the process through which a diamond’s quality and value is identified. A certified gemologist works to grade a diamond based on the 4Cs - cut, color, clarity, and carat. Certification also provides other fitting and appropriate information that describes the piece of diamond.

Who certifies a diamond ?

Diamond certification is done by certified gemologists from GIA, Gemological Institute of America; or, IGI, International Gemological Institute. They are the ace organizations that credit, grade and certify diamonds worldwide.


Though it is important to know the characteristics of the diamond you own, what’s of utmost importance is to love the way your diamond looks to you. So, if you love it, that’s what matters most. All Vyasa diamonds are IGI and GIA certified. Vyasa brings to you the best and personalized diamonds. We also have the provision of getting your jewellery certified, on request.