Discover precisely what you need to know about diamonds before you move forth to buy the diamond you have always desired. Apart from a jewellery's overall aesthetic and design, the 4Cs of a diamond are some of the most important details to know, to make sure you buy the diamond that's right for you and the knowledge also reassures you of the diamond's value. The 4Cs stand for cut, color, clarity and carat weight. They are the international standard of measure for a diamond's beauty and value. Each C is measured and graded in a particular way; their quality is recorded by a diamond grading expert.


A diamond's carat refers to its weight, not the size. One carat equals 0.2 grams. Carat is the most popular 'C' because it is easily identifiable even by a layman. But, when we consider carat weight, higher carat doesn't necessarily mean a better diamond. Sometimes, lower carat diamond may with a high quality cut may appear bigger and vice-versa.

Vyasa suggests richness with a chic style; we use genuine diamonds that are carved with a high quality cut, available in every size that any jewellery lover may seek.


The second most important C of a diamond is the Color, which refers to the absence of color in white diamonds. Diamonds come in a variety of hues and most diamond’s have a hint of yellow in it. Truly colourless diamonds are rare. The closer to colourless a white diamond is, the rarer and more valuable it becomes.
The scale of measuring color starts from D, following the alphabet downward. Colorless to near colorless diamonds are out in the range of D to J. Below J, is where a touch of yellow starts to show through in the stone.
Vyasa only offers colorless to near colorless, purest diamonds, but we can also arrange diamonds of different hues for you, on special demand.

When the changes in diamond color are subtle, the value of the diamond doesn't vary. For the diamond lover, D through F colors is an ideal choice. For a more value driven decision, consider an I through K color. It is important to know that all diamonds exhibit fire and brilliance, therefore, while buying the diamond of choice, consider other elements like the preferred metal and design too. This will give you a fair idea about which piece of jewellery aligns with the value amount designated by you, to the purchase.


The visual purity of a diamond determines its clarity. It is the number of imperfections in the diamond impossible to notice without the help of a magnifier that makes a diamond higher in clarity, hence, purer. During the growth process of the diamond, the internal spots and lines naturally become a part of it. It affects how light passes through the stone. Wherever the light encounters a spot, it acts as an obstacle for refraction, and light cannot reflect back, affecting the sparkle of the diamond.
Different factors considered before grading a diamond's clarity are: Size and number of imperfections, Their depth within the diamond, how distinct the inclusion/imperfection is and what is the location of the inclusion - is it closer to the center or closer to the girdle. In addition to this, the shape, cutting proportions, and facet arrangement can affect clarity grade by obscuring or emphasizing clarity features.


The Cut of a diamond is one of the most significant of the 4Cs because it determines its much desired beauty and brilliance. A well-cut diamond reflects and refracts light for maximum brilliance. It includes how well-proportioned the stone is, its crown and pavilion, table percentage, polish and symmetry. How these different characteristics balance out decide how light will travel through and refract, to its signature sparkle to the diamond. Most diamond's are cut into one of the three styles: Brilliant: a mix of triangular and kite-shaped facets, Step: a cut made of rectangular facets; Mixed: a combination of both brilliant and step cuts.
Vyasa diamonds are well cut to the best capacity of all our truest artisans. We invest in this C so much, so that we deliver to you the best sparkle you are worthy of.

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