Forever Care

"May our precious things always stay spick and span with the sheen they are worthy for. The glint in the eye they provide to the owner is worth a thousand buckets of love and desire gratified."

Quick Cleanse

The most subtle cleansing ways to keep your diamond jewellery clean and sparkly is to soak the pieces in warm water with a pinch of degreasing agent like dish soap. Take utmost care to avoid the jewellery’s contact with chemical agents like bleach or toothpaste, which can erode precious metals overtime. Remember to clean the back of the diamond and crevices, with a toothbrush, as they attract the most oil and grime. Another option for a quick cleanse is the ultrasonic home cleanser. You are also welcome to take our jewellery cleansing services at Vyasa. It is recommended that you take your piece of jewellery, for cleansing, to any professional jeweller every six months or one year.

Store Well

Diamonds are one of the hardest materials on our planet. Due to their hardness, natural diamonds can damage other metals and gemstones. To keep your favorite pieces of diamond jewellery intact, they are better stored separately from other pieces of jewellery, so they are not touching. Storing your natural diamonds in their boxes or soft cloth pouches can protect them from damage. It is a good idea to store your jewelry box in a cool and secure place, as moisture in the air could tarnish some metals. Furthermore, To protect your diamonds and give you peace of mind, you can also have them insured against theft, damage or loss.