Custom Studio

Vyasa unites individuals by celebrating the innate human desire for self-expression, exploration and embodiment of our unique selves. Here, we help you to find jewellery you can cherish forever and turn it into something you love. Embark on an expedition with us to discover and celebrate all aspects of yourself.


Book a personal appointment with our designer, and gain assistance for creating the jewellery design that speaks out for you. Let your jewellery be your signature! We will aide you in designing your own jewellery. Our expert designers will guide to choose a design that defines you for who you are in the most subtle and exclusive ways. You can also add color stones of your choice to the design we make.

Discover a tapestry of vibrant colors. Decide a shade of choice. Rebirth the face of Gold! Vyasa being an artisanal diamond jewellery boutique offers a special feature service of coloring your gold with any color you love. You can choose the metal color to be black, red, green, etc. Wear these daunting colors to flaunt top-notch elegance with radiant colors.